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  • Clean, understated design - a good starting point for a portfolio or blog
  • A minimal build pipeline with Laravel Mix
  • Gorko, a smart little Sass-powered utility class generator
  • Purgecss to remove unused CSS
  • HTML minifier
  • Supports ES2017 JavaScript, with Babel compilation
  • SEO friendly page meta, including Open Graph and Twitter
  • Image lazy loading
  • Responsive navigation
  • XML Sitemap

Getting started


Node v10+


  1. Clone the repo git clone
  2. cd into the project folder and run npm install
  3. Start the local development server by running npm run dev Tip: Eleventy has live reload baked in!

Ready to deploy?

The npm run production command will remove any unused CSS with Purgecss and minify the CSS and JS files.

I highly recommend using Netlify to host your site on, so I've included a netlify.toml configuration file for your convenience.